Written in 2019 as part of a flurry of experimentation in the one-page paper game medium, Elixir of Life was a stab at making an actual drinking game. Drinking games being largely inane sort of excuses for a thing that by that time need few of them, I wanted to make something that takes into account the growing inebriation throughout the game as a mechanic, and something that encourages the use of the mouldering bottles to the back of your drinks cabinet.

Out came Elixir of Life. It made and still makes me laugh, although I must confess I still haven’t played it. With the tabletop RPG world exploding as it is today, I believe many games are simply read an rarely played, so that did not seem much of an obstacle to me. To be honest, I can’t weather hangovers as good as I used to, and glancing at these rules gives me enough of a headache to last me a while.

Elixir of Life can be downloaded for free here.