Gripped by the winter solstice spirit, or at the very least that of Muppet CHristmas Carol, I considered doing a seasonal game as part of my paper game flurry. Something that caught something of the dark and the reflective elements of the holiday, something universal to its practice rather than specific to religious denomination. There really is one one true source to pull from in that case, and that’s Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.

You Will Be Haunted By Three Spirits lifts the confessional element from the story, and uses its three-ghost structure to have the players formally speculate about the life, sins and virtues of characters either real or imagined in an appropriately spooky environment. This way, it may turn to gossip, or preferably, a genuine discussion about morals, and the changeability of a person.

I am quite proud of this little game – I believe it captures a little of the agnostic, hopeful dread of the story.

You Will Be Haunted By Three Spirits can be downloaded for free here.