The final curtain.

New prototype is more or less up and running. This new iteration, called “The Lights”, is not especially useful as a playtesting tool, but functions more like a testbed for a few elements of functionality I anticipate will become relevant in newer prototypes quite soon.

Summarily, “The Lights” features our characters in a completely dark space, illuminated by a single spotlight. Moving out of the spotlight activates a new spotlight, and so forth. Moving a sufficient amount to the left activates a new camera perspective. The light bit is both meant to invoke some exploratory curiosity, but also serves to test the waters on Unity 5’s new Global Illumination technology. Which works well. The camera bit is an excuse to develop a secure strand of code that can easily accommodate more complex camera/editing setups. Rather than an if/then statement, the script functions as a list of states, checking which eventuality applies with a slight delay so as to avoid camera flicker.