This is actually the second stab.
And this the first.

As some of the mechanics begin plummeting into place, I thought I might as well attempt some concept art to get some idea of where this game is going visually. It’s not that I don’t enjoy two phallic creatures dicking about in a void, but I would like to have some vapid visual oomph accompanying these base instincts in the final product. At first I started messing about with a few archetypes I wrote up as possible characters back in January – The Falstaff, the Monster, the Galatea, the Child, and the Drifter – and while I enjoyed the variety of them all, I was looking for something slightly more cohesive.

The second pass was loosely based on crash test dummies, ceremonial dress from ancient Oceania and latex fethisists. I like this pass. I will elaborate on this one during the third pass/stab. I am also slowly adjusting my sight to two playable characters, seeing as how the range of motion and expression necessary coupled with the ever-shrinking amount of time available, simply seems more prudent. The rest will be released as paid DLC.

Here are some more images, which served as inspiration:

Tomcat by Piotr Jablonsky.
Escape Plan concept art.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles concept art.
Woman wearing a fringed Chilkat blanket and a mask representing a deceased shaman relative.
Attack from Space, 1964.
The Man from Planet X, 1951.
Escape Plan concept art.
Escape Plan concept art.