I like Ralph Bakshi. It stems partly from the medieval times in which I purported to be an animator, but I suspect the reason is more all-encompassing. The man is, like a lot of people I pointlessly prop up as effigies as if they reflected somehow on me, impractical in many ways. He tried to film The Lord of the Rings on a preposterously small budget. He tried to transpose Frank Frazetta’s art into moving pictures. He tried to introduce graphic sex and violence to animation. A lot of these impractical ambitions he realized through brazenly dealing or not dealing with people and not listening a lot to advice. A lot of his projects failed, but they are not necessarily failures.

In this video he has some choice advise for current creators, and the wealth of options they (including me) regularly fail to see. By disingenuously placing this on my blog, I hope some of it rubs off on me.