For the next few months this blog will largely serve as documentation for my graduation project. As of this moment ill-formulated thoughts and barely relevant interests are haphazardly coagulating into a workable thesis. It’s not done, but for the moment, it goes something like this:

How can I encourage participants into spontaneous play, free from all inhibitions of adulthood, without losing maturity?

This thesis is atrocious and will probably nothing more than a harrowing memory tomorrow. Regardless, some of its content is valid: I am interested in getting people to play with same kind of carefree spontaneity as they would have when they were eight-year-olds. To recapture something about that direct connection between the brain and the toy, to express oneself through a tiny artificial avatar. To escape reality at the drop of a hat. To combine this largely lost intuition with all the bagage and vagaries of an adult. To develop a platform that allows and facilitates these practices, informing and performing, playing and being played.

A quick glance at the previous block of text will tell you that we are still in the indeterminate flowery language stage of conceptualizing. Savour it for now. We are off to dreaded practicality next.